Lost Message Render + Poll

Here’s my finished renders:

What I would like to ask you is:

  1. What looks good?
  2. What can be improved?
  3. Which is best?



I like the sand very much, but the waves in the front look a bit too simulated. I think the first picture is the best one, I like the misty effects on the light, they give a realistic touch to it :wink:

Thanks for the feedback! It really helps me out :smiley:

try to make the water and the beach like infinite so you cant see how it ends, its a bit too cut off.
the Waves are a bit to high.
but nice Work with the sand and stuff :wink:

Thanks! I think feedback is very useful (which is why I came to this website)

For this render:

  1. try to change the waves material. Now it looks like a messed gray mesh. If you would remove the bottle i couldn`t figure out what is with this scene.
  2. I think the light setup it`s ok, unless you send us a screenshot from blender.
  3. I like the sand material. It`s ok!
  4. The bottle looks a bit strange at the top part where the cap should be.
  5. You can try to achieve something more realistic like the picture below. It`s a scene modelled by me in 3ds max about some years ago, but you can achieve same result in Blender.

Do you live close to a beach?

Thanks! I’ll experiment with the water some more and try to re model the bottle

No, I live in a city inland

That explains it a bit. It is very hard to recreate something like a beach without really knowing how it looks.
There are serveral problems with your render, but they are more likely to be caused by a lack of knowledge about beaches than by not knowing blender.

I guess that makes sense. I know that I went a bit overboard with the waves (beaches normally have reasonably calm waves) and that the sand is more flat and less in mounds like my render shows it as

id say, make the water a tad smoother (maybe with a subdiv surface). Also, IMO, the bottle would look much more natural on it’s side, besides that it looks great, and I like the first image

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll give it a try.