"Lost my amber pendant while wandering in the countryside..."

… If anyone finds it, please leave a message :grin:.
Here’s the corrected version, following @scottwinter’s tip. I also added a bit more light.

I did this little scene to use an amber material I created for my main (and forever lasting :sweat:) animation project, only it finaly didn’t fit in it.

Thanks to Greg Zaal for his HDRI background Oribi
It was made with Blender 2.79 and slightly color corrected with a G’MIC filter on GIMP.
2100 samples (just to see if it made any difference to use a crazy amount of samples, and the answer is : not so much), Denoise : 0.1.

Do I need to precise that constructive criticism is always welcome ? Hope you like it anyway…

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EDIT: @Dunno_Yet great update to your scene. The way the pendant hangs and pulls on the strap/necklace looks a lot more natural now and it shows the weight of the pendant. Great job!! :smile: :+1:

This is a great scene. I love that amber texture and material.

The main thing that stands out to me is the curve in the strap/necklace part of the pendant. The weight of the pendant would pull on the strap/necklace more pulling each side straight.

These parts here:

Should be a little more like here:

Other than that it looks really great. Keep up the great work.

Happy Blending,

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Hi Scott,

First, thanks a ton for your kind counsel.

The thing is, I have trouble hanging something with cloth sim (or Rigid Body or collision, for that matters). It keeps falling across the cloth even though I tried to cheat with a larger, simpler object to make the collission work better. Since I didn’t have much time to make this one, I skipped the part where I was supposed to cry out for help in the support section :woozy_face:

I had watched a bunch of sims tutorials (Mr Sorbias, Sardi Pax and so on) not so long ago though, for a similar issue with a curtain and none of them seemed to encounter this problem.
Did you ?

Have a nice one…