Lost Space Shuttle

This is my very latest Project.
It all started with a pencil sharpener as a texturing exercise. It was fun so i modelled and textured some pencils and more and more stuff. Then I watched Interstellar in the cinema (which had some really inspiring visuals) and wanted to do some kind of space thing. This Spaceshuttle Toy is what came out. At the end the sharpener and all the other small stuff didn’t make it in to the final Render because i chose to put the spaceshuttle outside in the grass.

Hope you enjoy and please tell me if you like it or not :smiley:

(Cycles 1000samples, Blender Compositor, Gimp)


beautiful nature!

Thanks elbriga!

I like it! Much more realistic. Keep up going, mate :slight_smile:

Thank You Sir

almost looks like a photo, what’s the material set up for the grass?

And yeah, more info (grass, wireframes) about the scene would be great.

thanks davidnayias! Can you actually tell what to improve to make it completely look like a photo?

Here you have the nodes:

@the muslim
Tell me what you want to see

Some scattered objects:

Spaceshuttle Wires:

Wow it looks so realistic, i love it :slight_smile:

What about the grass particles settings and the grass essentials wires?

Thank you Gewoon_Maarten :smiley:

@the muslim:
I modelled all the plants by simply extruding some planes and shaping them with proportinal editing. Nothing special here.
The particle settings are nothing special neither. I just randomized the rotation and some weight painting to remove the grass from certain areas.

Plants wires

A very pleasing final image, Steffen! It has a sort of “modern vintage” look to it, similar to your Sapling Defender image. It’s hard to identify specific similarities, but as soon as I saw the image I was instantly reminded of the other work. I think it’s the combination of image sharpness, with a bit of color in the shadows. Also, the contrast range feels more like film than a digital sensor. It’s a look I find very appealing.

How do you achieve this? And what sort of adjustments to you prefer to make in the Blender compositor, vs ones you leave for GIMP?

This is the first time I give 5 stars. I’ve seen a lot of great work arround here, but this one, I’ve loved it.

Thanks for share!

needs a few little scuffs and some dirt,

also, if the ship was in focus, and the background just slightly out of focus it would help sell it as real,

maybe also a very very tiny bit of green light from reflection/bouncing off the grass around it?(not sure about how to do that or if it’s a good idea)

Nice work!

Looks very realistic to me, I like the scratches/wear on the turbines and signs. Also the lighting is very realistic. It feels like a hot summer day.5* from me.

Thanks James!

How i achieved the look:
1)set black and whitepoints (contrast).
2)Lift Blacks for that typical filmic look.
3)Adding reds to the shadows and remove them from the highlights. (I masked out the spaceshuttle to keep it white)

For the Sapling defender i did something similar but instead of the red channel with the blue channel.

In the Compositor i only added Glare and lens Distortion because its so easy and quick. In Gimp I add things like the look, sharpening, vignette, lens dirt, and painting out some weird water drops in this case. Basically everything else.

Wow thank you very much!

Thanks for your Feedback!
Not to sure about the green bounce light, i used “Full Global Illumination” in the Light paths presets so there should be enough Bounce Light. So adding some extra light would be cheating Physics ;D
There is not much depth of field, you are right. I used f/10 with real world units.

Thanks for your Feedback and for the 5*!

Beautiful. I’m having now an old Aspire 7520, and for me this is mission impossibile. But when I get a new one, then I’ll star to learn how to work with Blender for real. But now I’m only watching tutorials, sometimes reading the manual, and that’s it. My computer is too slow for modeling.

Wow. That looks like a photo. Great job on the vegetation.

Steve S

Thanks! I was in the same situation 2 years ago, my Computer was to slow too. As soon as I got a new machine I really started to push my skills and became better. :smiley:

Thanks Steve S!