Lost Texture - Yelp!

I decided to learn a little about Texture Indexing over Christmas and was making a little flying saucer for my nephews. Somehow, the texture image I had added was either removed or overridden by the RED color I initially set up for Material Index 1. I have a previous version with the correct texture, and I’ve tried to do a screen comparison between the 2 files to see what I did differently … unfortunately, my eyes are crossed from staring at the screen too long.

Can anyone tell me why the “RED” file won’t or doesn’t display the texture image? And what I must have done to remove it? I believe in learning by trial and error, but I have absolutely NO idea what my error was … :slight_smile: … appreciate any insight. Thx!



spacecraft.blend (186 KB)Spacecraft RED.blend (728 KB)

The first file does not display correctly for me because the texture is missing from the file (maybe you forgot to pack it?). In the second file if I change the view mode to “Textured” I can see a texture.

I feel like such a noob … you answered the question … somehow I had hit the ‘z’ key and changed the view to solid in the 2nd file … :slight_smile: … thanks!