Lost Warrior

Epic illustration a lost warrior in a strange desert


The character, the beast looks great.

But the pose is lacking. I can’t feel the epic’ness.
I get nothing story wise.

It feels cramped. Everything is too close to each other. It would be cooler to see the whole desert and make the image widescreen.

The character and beast has no shadow. In deserts there are harsh shadows.

Great textures! and yes, composition can make this more epic.

Thx for your analys i m retaking the shadow and open more environement but the format is for print :slight_smile: thx for you time.

thx for your interest i m try retake better !

Hello Guys some news of retake :slight_smile:

The new added skeleton makes the scene better. Good work!

And the shadow helps, though it looks more hand-painted and slightly at odds with the light direction. Be interested to see it rendered with the sun a bit lower. Fine work nonetheless!

thx you for analys :slight_smile:

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