Lotus Elan S3/SE - 1968

Lotus Elan S3/SE - 1966

If you like The Avengers serie, you will recognize the ID plate number ! This is the car driven by Mrs Peel.

Maybe there is a Webley pocket revolver in the glove box… :wink:

I still have to work on the unfolded hood. The retractable headlights are functionnal, but I have not yet made a render in operational position. I will make a render with the hood and headlights.

The current environment is very simple : a compositing of a simple ground and an HDR background, and a ground of peebles with a sky texture.

I plan to model a georgian or victorian house front and a part of garden to put the car in an actual set.

I would like to put in this car my Elisabeth Warfield character wearing an “Emmapeeler” ! :yes:

More images of this car on this page :


I have got a problem of colorimetry. Sometimes I get a message saying that my Samsung monitors profile is broken, and I get different colors with Octane (everything modelled in Blender 2.70a, rendered in Octane), Photoshop and my different browser/visualizer softs… and it is not due to Web color palette. Weird. This to say that I know that some images are too green/blue. I spent much time on the car paint color to get the original Lotus color, and it is very frustrating. :roll:

good work.keep it up

New version with the hood, retractable headlights, openable doors and several subtle modifications of the shape and details here and there.

I let you find what changed ! :wink:

Many more images of the car here :