Love Blender, But can anyone show me a single Decent BGE example?

Im here to start a thought process not start a fight, so please take the tittle as that. Im having good success with a new render engine im building that has ray marched reflections, spherical harmonic GI, dynaic time of day. These are the only three function ive got working as yet, But the main question is how many BGE users really want something new. Your answers could mean the difference between blender getting my work for free, or just pushing Blender bge to the side and keeping this code development for personnal gain.

My pleasure! :smiley:

Yo Frankie!

Dead Cyborg

These are two released games which work well and are fun to play. Dead Cyborg is on Steam greenlight btw.

There are also a lot of non-complete games and demos that look brilliant.:slight_smile:

What do you mean by dynaic time of day?

@3dsolarsystembuilder I’m pretty sure he meant “dynamic” dynaic is just a typo

That is what i meant to say.

Why is stuff like this being asked? Look through the finished games. Or just look on google “Good Blender Games”. There have been about three or four of these types of threads in the past week or so.

First google result. . .

It would be very awesome if you bring this features to the BGE :D, specially GI spherical harmonics exponentiation, that would be next-gen visuals, but I think BGE also needs performance boost.

Better view, and the second link has been replaced,since that game is old and I am not working on it anymore.

What is spherical harmonic cgi?Do you have a youtube video example of this?

These threads baffle me. If you love Blender as your topic states, then why are you not excited to share your work with a community that is very passionate and devoted to Blender and the BGE. Why should we do the legwork to give you examples of what the BGE can produce. For someone that is producing sophisticated graphical features, I am sure you understand the concept of typing ‘Bge Graphics’ in a Google search box. Your work would be greatly appreciated by this community if it in any way makes the BGE better . If personal gain is your only option to feel succesful and appreciated then go that route. Have fun blendering.

It’s not just that we want something new, we want BGE to have the best features possible.

For me I guess, I plan on using BGE for commercial use, for others, they might be using BGE as a hobby, etc.

I think the idea is that people use BGE, and contribute things back based on their use case for it.

It’s really up to you, all the features you mention would be very nice additions to BGE, especially realtime global GI (using spherical harmonics), and time of day cycle.

Time of day could be just a python script that setups up an interface for the user to control time of day parameters and in turn setup the scene as needed. I’m not sure if time of day is part of an algorithm or if it’s just a rendering technique (i.e. setting up the scene in a certain way with shaders, background assets, and special settings for directional light (sun light)).