Low oxygen - Model available on Blendswap

Hello Blender friends ! I’m here with an old project that I brought back to life today. I know it has some flaws but I decided to go ahead and start finishing things.
This time, I wanted to create a shocking image at first glance, and I wanted to try to put the viewer in the place of the astronaut and feel the solitude he will feel.
In the last moments before finishing the project, I realized that I could not get to see if the character are moving towards or away from the camera, so I created the screws to give some movement direction BUT … I couldn’t achieve the effect. Beyond that , I’m happy with the final result.

Here is the first render:

Here is the same scene with lens scratches and dirt. I’d call it the finished one:

Note that absolutely everything is modeled in Blender, even the Earth (Earth was a separate project)
I used Cycles with 500 samples, lower GIMP postprocessing and some nodes composition.
I’m thinking to upload the astronaut model to Blendswap, I just need to finish some things and if you want it, I’ll upload it.
Criticism is welcome, because everyone needs critics if they want to improve every day.

Here is some earlier render of the character alone:



I hope you like the scene, greetings.
Juan Ignacio.

I think it looks pretty good. I can’t say much about the character model because I know little about it, but I think one quick way to make the scene more realistic is to add some stars in the background. Without the atmosphere, you should be seeing a lot of stars in space.

One weird thing after looking at the picture for a while: is that the right hand in the foreground?

This is awesome. Great work!

I think you did a nice job 8)

Nice job! Heavily inspired by Gravity, right?

Yes, but then I forgot about the movie and made my own project with my ideas. This might sound a little weird but, looking at reference on the inet, I found out that the astronaut models in the film are less accurate than mine.

Thanks guys! I’ll use the astronaut model for many other things. Keep in touch.

I didn’t put any stars in it because i still believe that the objects in the scene are yet too bright, so the stars wouldn’t be visible in normal conditions. I gave it a thought at the beginning but, for me, it would be unrealistic.
The hand in the foreground is the left hand of the astronaut behind the camera. I have to give you this one, it seems to be the right hand sometimes.

Here is a clay render i made a few minutes ago, enjoy:

I concur with the comments so far. I would also add that the feeling of not knowing whether he is being saved or lost is ok. It adds ambiguity to the scene. Like the poem by, I think Robert Frost, the one about taking the road less traveled, it is ambiguous because you don’t know whether the road led to blessings or downfall. Either way it makes it memorable.

Wow… I didn’t see it in that way. I must read more poems then.
Here is a “breakdown” of the Earth model. I just modeled an eighth due to performance problems.

I like what you done. How did you make the space suite

Looks nice , you can add a far moon on right and make it more landscape. :slight_smile:

I modeled it with a huge stock of reference images from the internet, and just two or three from the film Gravity.
It all started with the default cube. I started from the legs and finished with the hands. The suit is separated in three parts: The control module, the helmet and the rest of the model. I separated the helmet just in case if i want to make some animation of the model flying in space. Once the base mesh were finished, I started sculpting the wrinkles, then textured it and finally some more sculpting.
Here are some early-noisy-viewport-20samples-texturemissed images I rendered:

You always can go to the work in progress thread. You can find the link on my signature.

I forgot about the moon… but what’s done is done. I should have uploaded a thread in focused critic first.

Thanks for the comments.

Juan Ignacio.

Don’t forget about this: if you want the model just ask for it and I’ll upload it to blendswap.

cool image and nice composition but lighting is not quite right for earth orbit. unfortunate astronaut figure should be a little more brightly lit and sharper in focus, the earth below should glow slightly more.

Great work. I agree that it looks like Gravity.
Great image and modelling.

You can download the Astronaut model on Blendswap.
Hope you like it!

Great work jgilhutton, and you’re absolutely correct about the stars.

Is the scene lit by a single sunlamp to the right? It’s got a yellow colour cast, which you don’t get in space.

Edit: the sunlight colour in your EMU Suit thread render looks good.