Low-poly 3d printable file from 2d cartoon drawing

(Craig) #1

EDIT: Add 2d drawing


I have a, front only, 2d cartoon drawing that I would like to have modeled into a 3d printable figurine that I can paint. It doesn’t have to be real detailed but obviously I want the features in the cartoon to be recognizable in the 3d print, especially in the front. The back will have to be interpolated in some way I guess? Since I have no idea what to offer for this work I am requesting quotes. I also have 3 other 2d cartoons that I may want done based on how this one turns out.



(Danilo Castro) #2

Hello Craig
You could post the drawings to see. With the 2d drawings we will have the idea of how complex it would be to do this project and spend a budget correctly.


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Danilo Castro.

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