Low Poly Albums

I must admit that I don’t know it very well

Uh oh… I’m showing my age… It was an iconic album because it had “Baba Oriley” but almost every other track became a huge smash as well.

These absolutely wonderful.
You’ve got such a nice style.

Cheers :yes:

Jakerlund: Thank you :slight_smile:

Harley: Maybe this will soothe the pain of showing your age :wink: Who’s Next re-mastered


And here are three more:


Great new additions Monk! Sticky Fingers was classic, because, if I remember right, it had a real zipper integrated into the cover… lots of great tunes of course. Unfortunately… nothing will soothe the pain of showing my age … I take that back, maybe rum might do it :slight_smile:

Rum could indeed do it:)


Some more…


Each one is better than the other. The Miles Davies one is something special. Cool that you gave the trumpet a metallic style and at the same time it still has the paper charme :slight_smile:

Cheers Minoribus :slight_smile:


And here are the last 3

I’m going to call it a day for this project (for now, who knows maybe there will be more someday)

It’s been great fun. not just creating the low poly images but also listening to some long forgotten music from my collection as i have worked.

Cheers for the support everyone, i’m now going to pop these in the finished section :slight_smile:


PS: adapted the Darkside image. The vignette was far too strong…


Well it’s been a fun thread to watch. Thanks for bringing me back to my younger days, if even for a brief time. :slight_smile: