Low Poly Albums

New project. I’ve only got 2on the go so why not start another.


Haha! I love it! :slight_smile:

Cheers Vicky :slight_smile: Glad you like them.


Here are some more.


Cool, another Monk to follow. They are nicely done and I really admire the paper like style you created here. :slight_smile: I think there was some post production involved to create the film graininess?

Cheers Minoribus.

Yeah, most of the effect is done in post. I have found that low poly is a lot easier when done this way.

All materials are diffuse - two slightly different colours mixed using the layerweight node.

Then using grunge and paper textures on top i create the final image.

Far easier than putting them on the models themselves.


how is the paper texture done?
procedural or image ?


Hey Ricky. All textures are image textures

Here are three more


Niiiiiiice…“Who’s Next” might be a good one to do.

great work monk monk (as usual)…

Really good job, I especially like the Pink Floyd one.

Great idea and nicely done. Automatic For The People is my fav. It’s very similar but at the same time slightly different. Interesting…

Do you take requests Monk? hehe

another amazing job with a brilliant idea.

fun idea ! What about a good iron maiden one with eddy :wink: ?!

Cheers guys :slight_smile: Curvemaster: nice idea. i’ll add it to the list.

Harley: on it’s way…

Kohg: if you can hum it, i’ll produce a low poly album cover for it :wink:

You’ve opened Pandora’s box, Monk :smiley: A universe of subjects for new, nice renders :slight_smile:

haha. i may well have done. :slight_smile:

Here for you Harley. Plus Elvis.


Hey thanks Monk, turned out nice, after I suggested it I went and dug out the CD to look at the cover, I wasn’t sure if there would be too many “characters”. But it ranks up there with one of the classic albums for sure.

I must admit that I don’t know it very well. Although I did listen to it on youtube as I made the image.

I’m listening to all the albums as I make the images… I got half way through track 2 on the Darkside image yet listened to the entirety of Abby Road twice. :slight_smile:

looking at it again with the others, I may need to brighten Who’s Next. It seems a bit dark.