low poly and high poly


I would like to make an aircraft for Blender Game Engine. All models I made are high polygons models (just for fun)

So, what is the best method ?

  1. make the low polygons model before high polygons ?
  2. make the high polygons model before low polygons ?
  3. use multires tool ?
  4. … ?


Er. . . make high, then use the poly reducer script. That’s my way. In the 3d view in edit mode click mesh > scripts > poly reducer.

There is no “scripts” section in “mesh” menu (in edit mode).
I use blender 2.58.

This is just a suggestion…

For “real” objects, work out with high poly first.
For fantasy objects, start from low poly.

For aircraft, make it part by part, assemble it together. Later, make a medium poly & low poly, bake the normal/texture from high poly.

Start with high poly, then make a normal map, then use the decimate modifier to pull down the polygon count for your game.

Each to his own, but those are bad methods which will leave you with terrible topology. I personally start low poly and add detail, however if you start high then retopo a lowpoly mesh (with proper topology) and then bake the normal map.


I do the same as Excalaberr. first create a low poly then build up detail for a high poly version. the only difference is when the high polys done I use the shrink-wrap modifier on the low poly version so they match up perfectly.

I thank you all.

I didn’t know the shrink-wrap modifier. It seems to be very useful for “bake tool” to generate normal map and everything else.

How many polygons for my low poly (basically …) ? Is there a tool to show the number of polygons of an object ?

You don’t need a tool. The polygon count will be displayd in the top menu bar on the right side. When you select the object and go in to the edit mode then only the polygon cout from this object will be displayd.

The only problem is that it show total faces (tris+quads), I’m pretty sure when it comes to performance one quad count as two tris.

Thank you HG1, I never noticed …

Yes Lah, I think also 1 quad = 2 tris.

I thank you all.

See you !