Low Poly Character - Need Critiquing

Ok, so I’m just transitioning to 2.5 (I know it took me a while :D) and I thought I would try and create a low poly character. Heres some screens of what I have so far.

The head is not done yet and the hands are just place holders.

Yeah the hands are huge, but otherwise that looks pretty good to me. I wanna see it textured.

Ya I made those a while ago and I really don’t like them at all now. So next on my list is to delete them and start over, this time I’ll give them actual fingers :smiley:

And trust me, I want to see it textured to. I really want to be sure the model is as good as it can be before I do the UV mapping though. Too many times have I mapped the whole thing then realized I wanted to add or delete some faces and spent hours trying to get the uv mapping to look right again :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

Here’s an update! I finished the new hands and added tubes coming from the tanks on his back to a device mounted to his chest.
Basically when finished I want him to be kind of steampunk, and the device he is wearing will allow him to generate a bubble around him kind of like super monkey ball.

Added detail to the boots and shirt. Also added a belt.