Low Poly Desert modelling job, no textures

UPDATE: Job is taken, thanks!

Hi, we have a Unity game in heavy development, and we need some desert mesh created.

See this for images to inspire, look at trees, cliffs:

Of course you can do your own style, but what’s important is no texture, and fairly low poly without the “triangled look of low poly”.

This, and no texture means a lot of focus on knowing how to work artistically with sharp/smooth in the mesh:

We need an artist who can make a cliff look like a cliff, a dune like a dune, with just a few well placed Mean Crease / Smoothing settings.

The right person knows exactly what I mean :slight_smile:

It’s a job in the range of 1,000 USD

I’m looking forward to see a sample of your low poly desert/cliff/plateau work :slight_smile:

UPDATE: Please do not send me “any random modeling”, I am only interested in the specifically described cliff/rock/plateau modeling techniques, and I cannot read your ability to take on the job by looking at for example characters or vehicles, weapons etc…