Low poly face and body game characters, what needs to be fixed?

(arifoxs) #1

Hi I am from Indonesia, I want to make characters for my game, I want to make games for Android, so I make low poly characters, but I am not an expert at making characters, for that I need advice, I am only an expert in facial modeling, but not in modelling the body .

sorry the hair is a bit messy. I will fix it later,
how to make hair look good even if it’s low poly?
so what should be improved from the character?

(alf0) #2

ok the characters head looks amazing, the hair in the other hand looks odd because your just making it entersect with the head, insted of doing this, use alpha textures and just add some hair parts like a hat and make it slide down his forhead
i hope i am making sens of this !!!

the head looks almost good and realistic style but the body looks cartonny, so eather try make a cartony head or make to body look to realistic

the legs are short and head is to big for the body !!!

(arifoxs) #3

thanks, good advice, I will fix it

(kanga) #5

The head looks like it needs more character. The eyes seem almost flat, maybe decrease the size of the eyeballs. Did you box model this? Maybe try sculpting. For hair there is a great addon for blender called Hair tools:

(arifoxs) #6

thank you, I always use modeling boxes to make anything in a blender,