Low poly handpainted axe

Going to call this finished. It has 476 Tris and a 1024x1024 diffuse texture. Weird choice of color, since purple is used in calm environments and for expressing nobility and honor. Normal choice would be green but i think that weapon does not need to be evil automatically because it has a skull on it. Especially one with glowing eyes xD
And I forgot- done in blender and photoshop(if blender had layers in texture mode I would make it all in blender)

i like the creative design of the axes edges.

It looks good :slight_smile: Almost like a weapon you would see in WoW or some other fantasy RPG. It would make a good game asset, especially as it’s low poly. The purple looks a little out of place, but I think that just adds to the unique look. Good job :slight_smile: