Low poly head modeling tutorial

This is a 43 minute video with no sound on modeling a low poly head using a method I learned about on cg talk. its 122mb file and is encoded with divx. mplayer should be able to play it fine, or just download divx. hope you like it its my first tutorial.
one note: I had certain areas where I decided to delete something and come back so pay attention to the video.

other mirror?

Downloading now.
Will say if it’s ok :P.
Johnatan Williamson (a.k.a. mr_bomb) also made a video about low-poly character modelling, and although I don’t want to speak in advance, I’m not completely sure if you can beat his tutorials.

oh I would never try! I have his video tut but I havent had time to watch it. I am going to try it later today. im sorry but I dont have another mirror. I have never uploaded something this big before.

The Warder,
I get constantly stuck with modeling heads and I really was interested in your upload. However, I must say I was a bit disappointed. After 45 minutes there isn’t even a finished head - no eyes, no neck, no nostrils. Also, your mesh contains numerous triangles, something I’ve learned you normally want to avoid when doing organic modeling in Blender.

I’m very sorry for this harsh reception, but I really recommend Mr Bomb’s video tutorial:
adrianna_xvid_fixed.avi (video/x-msvideo objekt)

So, thanks for sharing and please try again later.
/ Mats

P.S. Below are some scaled-down screenshots from Warder’s tutorial.


Ok like I said it was my first. also I forgot to mention its just the base head model. also I was going for a game engine head anyway and most use full triangles.

I respect the criticism and will try harder next time sorry to be disappointing.

Just do notice that the game engine does not support subsurfing unless you apply that, which greatly increases the poly count, which will slow down the game engine.

Also if one speaks of “LOW POLY MODELLING” … i thin it means that it is mainly for those who want to model Game Engine specific models or lowdetail models for backgrounds of HiPoly scenes. So when looking at this stuff… Forget Subdivs in the final result. Unless there is something odd going on with the tut.

im just trying to say you could get a higher poly model out of it.