Low-Poly Mask

Here’s a quick project I did last week that, thanks to the mighty power of BoingBoing, has gotten more attention than I ever imagined. It was made using Blender, Pepakura and Inkscape. You can download the mask from Thingiverse, along with the original blend file and Pepakura pdo. I’d love to see some creative mods done by blender users!

More pics are in my flickr pool.

The BoingBoing post:

Cool! I know I’m going to waste my monday holiday on this.

EDIT: Made one! I did this on regular paper just to check it out. I didn’t have a printer, so I just traced it on the laptop screen. Turned out around 15% smaller therefore, but I had fun making it.

Thanks for introducing me to papercraft. I’ll hopefully be making some original ones soon.

P.S. I think it looks cooler without the eyelids.

Cheers GodOfBigThings! Hope it keeps you out of trouble.

EDIT: Since I’ve made only a few posts on BlenderArtists, my posts have to await moderation before they appear. This might result in some out-of-order strangeness to my answers.

In this case, GodOfBigThings’ EDIT makes my comment seem weird. My joke above is intended to mean spending the day making the mask would help “keep him out of trouble” on his holiday, not USING the mask to STAY out of trouble (which I don’t condone, unless you are a super-hero of some sort). :slight_smile:

GodOfBigThings, I’m amazed you could trace from your laptop screen and get a result like that. I salute you!

But why not texture it? I would texture it as the V from vendetta guy.

that is really quite awesome, i know what i’ll be wearing to this years halloween party ;D

@bizla - Thanks! Happy Halloween!

@Bao2 - You would make it a Guy Fawkes mask. A choreography/dance student would choose something different. An installation artist would make it something else. I’ve gotten responses from people with incredibly interesting uses for the mask that I never would’ve considered, and it wouldn’t have been so had I made it something more specific.

After I glued up the first pass of the mask, its blankness seemed interesting to me, both eerie and sculptural, and I stopped wondering if I should texture map it. Even the expression on the face is blank. I think that’s why I dusted off my suit for the Thingiverse photos. - perhaps a suit means “blank uniform” to me.

I love the fact that the mask is something of a Rorschach test. The social network chatter has all kinds of responses. CGI artists see one thing. Craft people see something else. Some people think I’m making some kind of statement since I’m wearing a suit in the photo. Some people think it’s just a cool, creepy, cheap Halloween mask. There’s no right or wrong answer.

And finally, I released the Blender file and the Pepakura file for anyone to make the mask whatever they want. In your case, Bao2, you just need to take a marking pen, draw a smile and some facial hair on a completed mask, and you’re good to go. :slight_smile: I’m in the process of making my own custom version for Halloween.

Very cool mask. My son will love it. We’ll probably make it together in a next few days.

Whoa man, it may be low-poly, but easy on the N-gons :stuck_out_tongue:
Seriously though, this is pretty cool!

@ristesekuloski - It’ll go much faster with four hands, even if one pair is just holding the parts together as they dry. I hope it’ll be fun and not too frustrating. You might want to scale the mask down a little if your son is young, btw.

@Jonathan L - Heh, yeah, I took some artistic license with the mask. There are no ngons in the original mesh. When I converted it to papercraft I removed lines that I felt detracted from the effect I was shooting for. Had I known the mask was destined to become popular beyond papercrafters, I probably would’ve left some of those lines in, because it makes some of the folds/connections easier (especially the eyes, which are a pain if you don’t do them before any other connection).

An update showing my glow-in-the-dark version for Halloween:

Heh… I’ve had the thought about a 3d-nerd specific halloween costume/mask concept, being some kind of wireframe overlay with [Psycho stabby sounds] horrible topology. So the little discussion about ngons in this case is pretty funny.
Your final version is probably my Internet Win of the day, Kongorilla. Great idea and execution!

@encn - A friend sent me a link to Industrial Light & Magic’s Facebook page when they featured the mask. There was a crack about ngons in the comments there as well. There’s no escaping the topology police these days. Now I’m afraid I can never apply for a job at ILM - “We saw the topology of that mask you made…tsk,tsk.”