Low Poly - OpenGL

This animation is nothing special, it is just for trying out a low poly animation with openGL.
I used in blender for the viewport shading, the material preview ( GLSL ). The big benefit of this is that it renders very fast, but I think we cannot use shadows, spots, transparant materials, and all those. ? I used a bit of AO in the viewport and DOF. Do you have an idea what else we can do to make it more sophisticated ?
The URL is : https://youtu.be/zB3cMgCZE8U

Here a still from a new animation. I made it this way:

  • render animation with opengl
  • render animation with emission shader with weight layer ( black white) on all materials and the following render passes:
    normal, mist, z-depth, and alpha. this renders also very fast, like 2 seconds per frame. in open EXR multi layer.
  • Then mixed it al together in compositor together with edge nodes.

I could use UV pass with the obj index pass and texture in post but I will check it next time.

I struggle quite a bit with anti alias / jigged edges. Hopefully will find that out soon.
So this pic is rendered in approx 4 seconds all together.