Low Poly Pizza Planet Truck

Hi, I have just started with 3D Modelling a few days ago and wanted to show my work in progress model of the Toy Story Pizza Planet Truck.

I’m having problems getting the windshield rendered properly without all the grain. Maybe someone can help me there?
Also any comments and criticisms are welcome!


first of all, good start to your model! To answer your question about the graininess…how did you set up the material? You can use a glass BSDF node into your output material node, or what I do is a refraction and glossy I believe, with a mix shader after and a fresnel node adjusting the IOR. I believe that’s the setup but it’s been a while since I’ve done a glass material. Also, try adjusting the caustics settings in the render sidebar, it will increase render times but also decrease graininess. Hope this helps a bit

If you don’t want refraction or specularity, the glass could be a transparent, non-white material. Fast and grainless.

I just have a Glass Node With 0 Roughness.

For my render settings I set the seed to 2, and the Clamp to 2 as well. Caustics I set to Filer Glossy 2, and ticked both Reflective Caustics and Refractive Caustics. I don’t know what other to change really.

Thanks for your help! I will try your method as well and see how that makes a difference!

I might try that for just having the truck without any surroundings. But when I model some scene around it, I do want reflections. I dont know if that is the same as refractions or specularity… :stuck_out_tongue:

Slowly making progress!

200 Samples

Also did a test render with Renderman for Blender

128 Samples
30min render time

and a bonus gif, just for the giggles:

200 Samples