Low Poly Rock Generator Script Showing Error In Blender 3.0.0

I need to create a bunch of random low poly rocks. I would’ve created manually if it was a couple but it’s a lot. So, I tried to use https://github.com/PopThosePringles/blender-low-poly-rock in Blender 3.0.0 but it’s showing me some errors. I don’t know how to write python, so I don’t how to solve these problems​:sweat_smile:. Does anyone know how to solve these problems and make it work? I really need it!:sob:

Here is a screenshot of the error:

According to the api :

bmesh.ops.create_icosphere(bm, subdivisions, radius, matrix, calc_uvs )
Create Ico-Sphere.

Creates a grid with a variable number of subdivisions


  • bm (bmesh.types.BMesh) – The bmesh to operate on.
  • subdivisions (int) – how many times to recursively subdivide the sphere
  • radius (float) – radius
  • matrix (mathutils.Matrix) – matrix to multiply the new geometry with
  • calc_uvs (bool) – calculate default UVs


Return type

The parameter ‘diameter’ doesn’t exist.

In the file add_mesh_low_poly_rock.py, in line 57, change diameter for radius.
So the line will be :
radius = generator.radius_prop

Thanks a lot @Elreenys, It worked flawlessly. Really appreciate your help. You’re literally a life saver. :sob:

Uploaded to GitHub in case someone need it. Here is the link.