Low Poly RPG Game Development looking for more Artists in the Team

Hello, im a C# programmer.
Working now 2 years with Unity and also already created some content.

Now my Team decided to create a new game called Friday night.
Friday night will be in first place a RPG with items and skill-system, we also want add a Survival aspect in the big open world.
The world will be a low poly concept art with medieval feelings in 3D.
Friday night is online and offline playable.
The Game engine is Unity 5.

We are looking for people who want be a part of a big team of game developer.
What we are looking for:

  • 7 Artists to create low poly 3D Models and the Map
  • 3 Game Designer
  • 1 Programmer
  • 1 Manager for the team

We a non commercial collaboration of developer, and looking for you!
Contact me

email me [email protected]

Thanks a lot, Regards, http://freepaypalgiftcard.com

Put your request here too - https://blenderartists.org/forum/forumdisplay.php?53-Volunteer-Work

I am interested. I’m a bit late to the party i see…
If your still looking for people.
Mail me => [email protected]

why use unity 5, if I may ask?

I’m interested too ! :smiley:

I do not think he is coming back :slight_smile:

:D…big team for free…big open world RPG…the hardest genre for develop.? == big failure

You forgot about animator?

Email me here ==> [email protected] if you still want a a programmer!!!

Email me here ==> [email protected] if you still want a a programmer!!!