Low Poly Runescape Character

Haven’t done any blender work in quite a while, so i thought i’d just in the deep end where my talents don’t exactly shine through as the best, in character modelling. This is only a low poly model but i was quite happy with the results!
Would anyone like to lend me a hand on how i could create the eyes for him :)?

Never done eyes on this kind of model, though I recommend you just make hemispheres and then just push the iris or whatever back a little… Never bothered with the little shiny white spot so dunno how to make that either, I’ve always been satisfied with some sort of specularity… And then just make a little valleys for them on his face… Nothing special…
I also suggest you position them VERY carefully since it changes everything, his expression, likeability, it’s just very important

Ans as for the model itself, I think textures make a LOT, so unless this is what you’re aiming for(it’s pretty good :slight_smile: ) you still might want to try adding some baked shading, or cloth texturing or something to make it a bit prettier

Thanks! means a lot. If you ever played the game this is somewhat a resemblance to how the old clothes used to look like, i simple diffuse color. However if you could point me in the direction for textures i’d like to at least give the texturing a try :’)?

Also, i dunno if you know anything about rigging, but here is the first rig i’ve ever attempted. It’s still a bit weird so help on how to improve it would be much appreciated :’)!?

Lowpolych_rig2.blend (630 KB)