Low poly topology of a 747 fuselage

I’m working on a model of a low poly 747 fuselage and I realized that my understanding of basic topology is not good. I have read/watched two conflicting theories on what is good topology:

  1. Quads should be as evenly spaced as possible.
  2. You should not have unnecessary quads/vertices.

So for just the fuselage, ignoring windows, wings etc…, which of these topologies is best? - or are none of them?

In a nutshell, for low poly, if the vertice doesn’t contribute to the form (i.e. hold the shape in a silhouette), it’s not useful. There are of course exceptions.

first of all number of loops/quads depends on the curvature of the surface and what precision you want!
and if possible then get parallel loops

if there are not much changes like in middle set minimum quads even if not square so rectangular is also ok

depending on the topology some tri’s might be acceptable
like top of a UVsphere


All 3 given forms are bit wrong as far as low poly is concerned (my opinion only). to work on low Poly AeroPlane, i suggest start using a 8 to 12 vertices circle, and extrude, move, scale where necessary. Don’t worry about the even quads or edges, since you can overcome them during texturing face (Uv unwrap and adjust your quads there for good texturing). As @Quandtum said, Silhouette is a must in lowpoly modeling, so think of it only.

Hmm, thank you. I’ll give that a try.