Low poly treasure chest

Here is a low poly wooden treasure chest, it’s made for BGE. I’ve done such more complex, but this one turned out to be the hardest model I’ve ever done, it’s so weird.

And 4th pic

might wanna mess with the materials a bit. it kinda looks like all materials are the same here :stuck_out_tongue: model is good otherwise

There is a total of 4 textures, the strap on top I wanted to be leather, but it’s part of the box. I’d have to flatten it and then add a separate object, but didn’t feel like doing that.

thats a very clean treasure chest :wink:

The model is so strange. Hi-poly things on the side and low poly (very low poly) box. Materials are not good too. Everything is “plastic” :frowning:

Sorry you feel it’s a bad model, but it’s a gaming model, which it has to be very low poly in order to not lag the engine. BGE has a bad lag when you deal with high poly content.