Low Poly Wolf

A low poly wolf i made using a blueprint i created using the images in the “turning a cube into a puppy” tutorial, but that tutorial is so messy that i tried on my one to make the wolf…took a little longer than i expected, almost 2 hours, but i’m happy with the result so far, although i believe that some edge loops and verts are most certainly misplaced.

This model is more oriented to real time rendering, that’s why i tried to keep a low polycount (1104 triangles) but this could be a good start mesh to “sculpt” :wink:

Organic modelling is an area i want to improve, so i await your C&C.

See ya :smiley:


Quick update:

Wolf is now 1000 triangles, after some adjustments and cleanup.

Now, the unwrapping saga will begin… :stuck_out_tongue:


great model ! animals are hard yet you managed to create a very nice model of one good luck with texturing !

Looks very good.
My only crit would be the feet, the body and head have very realistic proportions (Good job) the feet look cartoony. I am waiting to see a texture. If the texture is cartoony than I think the wolf will look good. If the texture is real looking than I think you should make the feet a little smaller.

M@tchue: thank you, i think i was somewhat lucky though, this is my first (quadruped) animal…after the wolf i will try other types of animals (humans are the worst). Now texturing will be tricky because i’m very inexperienced in creating textures (but i have to start somewhere)

Thank your for your comment and crit: you’re absolutely right, those feet look like something out of a werewolf or clown :eek:. I was misled by the reference pics (alas not of a real wolf, but a toy one :p) but after searching on the Net for pics of real wolves, i can see the error in my ways. So, yeah, i was trying to be realistic with this model (well, the most possible with a low polycount).

So i did further adjustments on the feet (and trimmed some polys along the way) so now the wolf has smaller feet and a smaller polycount (939 triangles).

Once again, thank you for your feedback; keep it coming :wink:


yeah i think you can delete some of the polys in the feet, its supsed to be low poly after all ^^


The angle of the forehead is a little square, I think you need to bring it back a bit. If you are going for really low poly, you could use a UV texture for the eyes instead of medelling them too.

Great work :slight_smile:

Felix_Kutt: Yeah, i know i could knock off lots of triangles in the feet, but i’m a sucker for those little furry paws :stuck_out_tongue:

Percival: Point taken in that forehead remark ;). About the eyes, i also agree that they could be just textured, but having the eyes like this help me, working as placeholders in the UV texture (and also giving some high relief in the eyes). Even so, there’s no need for so many triangles there, so i took off some…The wolf has now 916 triangles.

Of course, there’s always place for improvement, but i’m liking this wolf.

Thank you, guys :smiley: wouldn’t be possible without you :smiley: (Good God, looks like an Oscar cerimony speech).

Alas, now i must concentrate in my studies…maybe for a couple of days the wolf will be on standby…


Ok, just another screenshot…a more “natural” viewpoint


It looks great! As a dabbling blenderer, it’s nice to see that not everyone in this forum is that much above my level. I could actually try and catch you if I start practising more! :rolleyes:

Good work!

Endoperez: Thank you, you gave me one of the best compliments ever; that i’m an inspiration for you :D.

Yup, there are all kinds of blender users, some more skilled than others, but like you said, it’s just a matter of work, work, work.

Not that i’m implying that i’m that good, but the key here is surpass oneself, it’s the only way to evolve.

Like a saying a friend of mine taught me (i think it’s a japanese saying) : “the person I was yesterday I must defeat today”

Blend on!