Low-poly Zombie ($10)

I need something like this:

I’ll pay $10 via PayPal to whomever can model a low poly zombie with 2 animations (walk/hurt). Simplicity is the key (game is being developed for mobile platform), nothing over 350 tris.

If you get those done, I’ll be needing more and am willing to pay $10 more per animation.

Do you realise the task you are offering will take at least 5-8 hours?(talking about my experience here, perhaps there are much more quick modellers in the forums)

10 $ / 5 h = 2 $ per hour. Great!

Who are you trying to kid? No way someone could spend 8 hours making a low-poly as simple as this with an idea of what it needs to look like.

You could try searching for a model on http://www.turbosquid.com/3d

@Programmer, Actually I believe he is correct. About 8 hours would do it.
You may not realize, but low poly is HARDER in many cases. and Animating, do you know how long one person spent doing the animation for Reloading the M4 in COD4? They literally spent 1 week on that. (massive production team, made up the slowness just like in any AAA game). And that was WITH rigging already in place to work with. And don’t even get me started on texturing…

I think that you greatly underestimate the level of Difficulty that comes with CG.

One last thing… No.

I might actually have something you could use with some modifications. Send me a PM or e-mail me at the_happy_friar at yahoo dot com.

I would suggest learning how to do it yourself. Unless you can find an eager gamer who’s willing to do this for the fun of it, or you can find something already in existence you can buy, you aren’t going to find too many people willing to work for only $10.
Once you try doing one yourself, you’ll see how long it takes.

PM’d you.

Thanks but I’ve done that and have been unable to find a low poly zombie.

Most AAA developers will rent a motion capture studio now a days, that practice has been in place since the early PS2 era so I’m doubting that guys commitment to the animation.

I can do it myself and I could do it in far less than 8 hours, that’s not the problem. I can’t animate, which is why I’m hoping someone will just take some old walking cycles they had, tinker em a bit and make a quick tenner off very little work.

Yeah, you are going to need to learn to animate. Do you have the zombie model already? Already rigged? If so, maybe you can apply pre-recorded motion capture files.
I think if you can create the model, this is going to be your best bet.

I thought there might be some method of applying an animation to a pre rigged mesh but in my head it just seems like so many different factors would have to take into play so I never really looked into it.

I already have a high resolution zombie, how would I go about adding an animation from it to my custom, low-poly zombie? Would I need to setup a skeleton that is exactly the same or could I just remove the mesh from the high res zombie and substitute my low-poly mesh.

I’m not exactly sure how you would do this in Blender, but if it’s the skeleton that’s animated, and you can apply that skeleton to the low poly zombie, that would be my guess.