low poly

can someone tell me a good range of total polygons for a single character?
I noticed that my subsurf model with 260000 faces was not going to work

Errrr… Depending on the game type, the aimed hardware, the level size and things like that your character should have from 400 to 1500 triangles.

For sure keep your models under 1000, but even that’s knida high preferably keep the models between 400-700.

Something to realize that that blender doesn’t render only in tringles. So if you render 400 quads, then try 800 tris, guess which is slower? 800 tris! Although its the same amout of vertices its not the same amout of faces.

But yeah 400 - 1500 Polys shouold be fine

thanks, that helps a lot. now i know how i should start modeling.
btw is there a way to remove faces with out messing up your model?

I’d consider the triangle count anyway because the different isn’t as big [one quad doesn’t render as fast as one triangle, and isn’t much faster than two [you need a lot of triangles to tell on most hardware]], and most engines you would export to use all triangles

the triangle count can be seen when you aren’t in edit mode on the decimator slider in the edit buttons

Keep the poly count as low as possible while making sure it still looks nice, even if you don’t use the blender game engine and use some super fast engine that can handle high poly counts you still want to keep it down.

That’s not really true, depending on the graphics card, there’s almost no differnece between rendering 400 quads then rendering the same quads triangulated.