Low polygon count

Hi, what it is considered low polygon mesh. Is there a precise number.
How with blender I can tell how many polygon a mesh have, how many vertices,


There is no precise number separating low polygon and high polygon meshes, it’s more about how they are used.

Low polygon models are usually used in real-time applications, games in particular, where rendering speed is very important and too many polygons would slow things down.
High polygon models are usually used for stuff that is rendered (still renders, animations etc.), where the final result matters, but not so much the rendering speed. High polygon models are also used to bake information (normal, displacement, ambient occlusion) to lower polygon models.

Some games use models with 10.000 triangles as in-game models (and are thus considered low-poly), while a simple can model with 10.000 triangles is already considered high-poly. There are even games that have 50.000 triangle models for in-game use and these models are again low-poly.

In my opinion the low poly begins at 1 triangle and goes up to around 10.000 - 20.000 triangles, where things start becoming high-polygon. High-polygon then starts at around 10.000 - 20.000 triangles and has no upper limit, especially not in sculpting software where the models can have several million triangles with no problem.

The limits where low-poly becomes high-poly is always increasing as real-time applications can handle more and more polygons as time goes by.

You can find the polygon counter in Blender, in the top-right corner of your screen.

ps.: 1 polygon / face = 2 triangles