Low polygon couple on a date

(Miss Tiacht) #1

The challenge is, you are to make a low polygon couple out on a date!

The exact type of low poly doesn’t matter, you can render it with very UHD effects with no textures, or keep things classic with no shaders and low resolution textures. The choice is yours, have fun with it!

This contest will end at 12 users or in one week from today, whichever deadline is met first!

Remember, this is just for fun, even if you don’t win your artwork is still admired and respected. : )

(Pobnobs) #2

Aw they’re holding hands so cute :3

(Miss Tiacht) #3

Ahahaha, I forgot I made this post,

As for the only reply, ahahaha, nice, this deserves a trip to-


(Moon LB) #4

so is this closed?

(Moon LB) #5

nvm… :sweat_smile: I just realized it was in 2017

(Miss Tiacht) #6

Hey why not. :stuck_out_tongue: