low quality baked uv

i baked normals and applied the baked picture on low poly sculpture but i noticed that the quality s lost a lot
what should i do ?should i bake again or is there any special option that will bake little details

i mean i satisfied the the result but like 70% from 100
when i switch to texture mode i get this 70% result and then i render and it looks like a simple sculture with no details skin pores, wrinkles etc.


Try baking an ambient Occlusion map too. The stacking order is backwards so AO on the bottom would be at the top of the stack. IF you had a dirt layer with smudges and mostly transparent that would be at the bottom of the stack in Blender but in P.S you would have that at the top. Backwards I know. Hope that made sense?

When baking your AO map use the World Icon click AO and set samples to 12 + to get a nice shading

i tried ambient occasion but end it up with black areas and low quality.

i wanted to use dismantlement and bake fro multiries but i made a separate low poly sculpture with retopology and i dont think here a way to use dismantlement since its a separated sculpture- one low and next high poly model with multiries

Set the bias to around .2 and click the “normalized” box when you do the AO bake and see if that helps.

naw… didn’t change much . i think normals have the best result but rendered one is pretty bad (just wanted all the detail. thanks though