Lowpoly NPR forest - Need feedback please

I am trying out a illustration style rendering of a lowpoly forest. Below are a few different shader attempts. Need your feedback on how to improve on the style, or if anything seems off.
(updated image based on feedback:)

first few tries:

with rounded trees and no transparency:

The illustration from pinterest based on which I am trying this look:


That’s pretty cool looking.

The only thing I’d suggest is tapering your branches to give them a less rounded look, and maybe smooth shade the ground, because the low poly look clashes with everything else you’ve got going on.

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Thanks a lot! Will fix both those points. Will post an update soon.

A more darker green for grass might make it look bit better
Good job & keep it up brother

Thanks! You are right, I need to work on the color palette

Updated images below based on feedback. Appreciate your inputs.


Much better.

Though I still think the grass clumps look a little out of place. Instead of big, bushy clumps, why not try some smaller, more spread out blades. A bit like what you already have in there, but a little taller, and slightly more concentrated.

something like this maybe?

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Yup. That looks good.

If you’re using geometry nodes to scatter the grass (which you should be), you can use weigh paints to help you distribute where you want the grass to go. You can use that to keep your dirt paths bare, while grassing up the green parts.

today’s update. Added stones, bushes and a log/stump.


This is looking good.

Removing the grass blades was good. I’m not sure how close you want to get to the reference, but the tree canopy shapes in the picture you show are more regular than yours, they are all smooth lumps with only one or two more lumps at the bottom. The bushes should have a different branching than trees, more like a fan perhaps? Right now they look just like miniature trees.

Thanks! Yes the canopy shape is a deliberate choice on my side, wanted to have something irregular. You are right about the bush branches. I was being lazy in reusing the tree trunks. It should ideally be fan shaped like you have said, I will update it.

If you think about it, what are bushes but little treetops that grow on the ground?

Need lighting feedback:

basic spotlight to focus attention on the log:

spotlight with gobo to create leaf shadows/dappled lighting. But this is removing the visual focus. I am confused whether to use it or not.