Lowpoly Reference Guide - how much polys are okay?

Hello everyone,
currently I want to learn sculpting and this works (and I wonder) really great for me. After the sculpting job the mesh has to be retopologized to be game ready and there is the problem. I dont know how much polys are okay for modern game engines. I know, more important objects like characters in adventures or weapons in egoshooter are getting more polygons like others, but is there a rulebook out there?

For example this island with the tree. 5k polys? 10k polys? I dont know.

I know there is a tool out there, called 3D Ripper DX, but it doesnt work anymore with modern games.

Thanks for your help.

There is no rulebook for lowpoly or at least I´ve never heard of one it really depends on your project and what objects are important in your project, and in most cases the polycount of an object depend on your target hardware, for example: half life 1 enemy had ~800 polygons, halflife 2 enemy had ~3500 polygons.

the secret(or skill of the artist) in lowpoly modeling is to let the object look almost the same in lowpoly like in highpoly. A good way to get an idea what I mean is take your tree retopo it with a max polycount of 500polys and another one with 2000polys

Hmmm okay, that is “bad”. I will give it a try at monday. I’m a highpoly modeller and this is a whole new experience.
Lets do it :slight_smile:

Thanky you.