LSCM bug

I think I have detected a LSCM UV-mapping bug. When I move a vertice in LSCM live the whole unwrap gets changed to a completely new unwrap. Is it a bug or am I just doing something weong?

The verts you move should be pinned – also make sure that if you have several islands that one vert in each island is pinned.


Ok. Thanks greybeard.

Wrote last reply without testing it. It didn’t worked.

Could you post before/after moving a vert images please?

I know the texture sucks and the un-wrap sucks too but it’s my first.

  1. get GIMP… :wink: Paint is a really crappy program to paint your models with.

  2. Your first unwrap has had faces added, I can tell, because you have the telltale box with a diagonal line going all the way across the map, so your old UV coordinates may not have been viable anymore.

  1. I have GIMP and photoshop elements, but the easy-ness of making the texture in paint made me think why not :expressionless: . The texture ain’t that pixely on the model either.
  2. Ok, but how do I use Live lscm and still have it working?

If you fool around too much with your mesh after unwrapping it you may end up having to redo pretty much of it again.

Also, you CAN, if you’re done with one part of the unwrap just pin all of the vertices on that chunk of UVs. Then they won’t move when you fix the rest of it.