LTX Concept

Hi everyone. Hope you well.

Here’s my last personal project i made in my free time.

Blender / Photoshop and a little bit of Marvelous Designer. Oh, and, of course, special mention to awesome blender tools HardOps, BoxCutter, MeshMachine and DecalMachine.

I am not gonna talk about it too much, but feel free to ask questions about it if you have any. I’ve putted a lot of effort into details, so… yeah… i recommend you to watch it in full res.

Please support this project on artstation if you like it and have a minute (also, there are couple additional renders over there):

And, by the way, i’ve decided to put project files on Gumroad, if someone want to study it. Model, rig, light setups, photoshop files, marvelous designer 9 files. It’s not free, but not expensive:

(I know, those orthographic renders are little cobfusing, but i just love them so much. :slight_smile: )

This is very stylized character, of course, so it probably does not make any sense in terms of real world. And it should’t. Don’t take it too serious :). But, believe it or not, the thing is part of story, and i modeled all it’s components based on that story (sorry, russian only. It would take me forever to write it in english :slight_smile:. But it’s not the whole story anyway, so you don’t miss much).

The whole thing is rigged. It’s nothing fancy, just a basic rig for posing purposes. I know, i know, animation is sucks, but i am not an animator. :slight_smile: Disclaimer: this is viewport animation render of course. The actual posing performance is… uh… it’s bad.

In the end, couple of random general blender notes, if you interested:

  • Bevel shader is awesome and feels underappreciated. I hope Optix will support it soon enough. It’s awesome for concept art and game models. I hope EEVEE will support it one day too (i know, you need a raytracer for bevel shader to work, but i hope workaround will be found).

  • 2.8 is awesome overall, it’s powerful, it’s fun, customizable, pretty, with great UI and fast developing speed. But when you project becomes somehow heavy you bump into Performance Issue (that’s right with capital letters). It’s pretty horrible. And Undo! OMFG, THE UNDO! I wish i was a poet, so i could write a poem about how much i hate blender’s undo. I am not complaining, i am pretty sure devs are doing their best to improve performance, but at the moment it’s just not good for heavy projects (my personal opinion).

So, yeah… stay safe and have a good one.


Just spectacular, into the top row you go.


Wow, great level of detail! I really like the clean way of presenting the model with that light and comp. How is the process you´ve followed? Did you start modelling from the strach or drawing and studies came first? Thanks!

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Hi! When i don’t have a strong idea, i usually start drawing by hand, yes. Just rough, ugly sketches :). It helps me to find an initial path, and after that i refine the idea in the process of modeling.


Amaziing detail density and awesome shape design. Really hard surface mastery !

Beautifully detailed artwork!!!

My favorite shot is the LTX_RX_09. I love this robotic head view, with the way you distributed the red lights.

Thank you, glad you said that. I really tried to improve my details distribution skill. I guess i’m on the right path. )

Thank you! RS_09 one of my favs as well. :slight_smile:

I guess i’m not )

wow this isn’t featured yet? Soon hopefully! This is a beautiful model. You have incredible hardsurface skills :slight_smile:


Thank you for your kind words, Rachel. :slight_smile: It’s ok if i am not gonna be featured here, it’ll mean that someone will take top shelf instead of me (and that’s a good thing). It’s just this kind of places is the only places where i can get constructive feedback. I am not very popular on the web,
and it’s hard to be noticed nowadays. )

You really should post on polycount then, if you haven’t(I had checked the other day and couldn’t find you).


Hey, Machin3, thanks for advice! I visited polycount a long time ago when i was looking some info about something, and for some reason i thought it’s more like place for gamedev related stuff only. I guess i need to do better job at finding places where i can post my art. )

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I featured you on BlenderNation. Stay safe, and have a great weekend!

Thank you, Bart, i appreciate it. )

Very impressive. I like the flow of the whole design. Sweet level of detail :smiley: Keep up!

Thank you! ) I’m gonna keep up, that’s for sure. )

This is one of the best hard surface concept designs I’ve ever seen. Fantastic work!


Thank you, glad to hear it! )

looks absolutely awesome man!

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Thank you!