LTX Concept

Hi everyone. Hope you well.

Here’s my latest personal project i made in my free time.

Blender / Photoshop and a little bit of Marvelous Designer. Oh, and, of course, special mention to awesome blender tools HardOps, BoxCutter, MeshMachine and DecalMachine.

I am not gonna talk about it too much, but feel free to ask questions about it if you have any. I’ve putted a lot of effort into details, so… yeah… i recommend you to watch it in full res.

Please support this project on artstation if you like it and have a minute (also, there are couple additional renders over there):



Just spectacular, into the top row you go.


Wow, great level of detail! I really like the clean way of presenting the model with that light and comp. How is the process you´ve followed? Did you start modelling from the strach or drawing and studies came first? Thanks!

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Hi! When i don’t have a strong idea, i usually start drawing by hand, yes. Just rough, ugly sketches :). It helps me to find an initial path, and after that i refine the idea in the process of modeling.


Amaziing detail density and awesome shape design. Really hard surface mastery !

Beautifully detailed artwork!!!

My favorite shot is the LTX_RX_09. I love this robotic head view, with the way you distributed the red lights.

Thank you, glad you said that. I really tried to improve my details distribution skill. I guess i’m on the right path. )

Thank you! RS_09 one of my favs as well. :slight_smile:

I guess i’m not )

wow this isn’t featured yet? Soon hopefully! This is a beautiful model. You have incredible hardsurface skills :slight_smile:


Thank you for your kind words, Rachel. :slight_smile: It’s ok if i am not gonna be featured here, it’ll mean that someone will take top shelf instead of me (and that’s a good thing). It’s just this kind of places is the only places where i can get constructive feedback. I am not very popular on the web,
and it’s hard to be noticed nowadays. )

You really should post on polycount then, if you haven’t(I had checked the other day and couldn’t find you).


Hey, Machin3, thanks for advice! I visited polycount a long time ago when i was looking some info about something, and for some reason i thought it’s more like place for gamedev related stuff only. I guess i need to do better job at finding places where i can post my art. )

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I featured you on BlenderNation. Stay safe, and have a great weekend!

Thank you, Bart, i appreciate it. )

Very impressive. I like the flow of the whole design. Sweet level of detail :smiley: Keep up!

Thank you! ) I’m gonna keep up, that’s for sure. )

This is one of the best hard surface concept designs I’ve ever seen. Fantastic work!


Thank you, glad to hear it! )

looks absolutely awesome man!

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Thank you!