Lublin 51


I Decided To Recall How To Model :slight_smile:
So I Start To Build A Truck Lublin 51
Here Some Pictures Of Very Beginning Stage Of The Model.


Wow, you are starting from a very detailed spot. Almost like cad/cam.

Looks good, it’s got that high-end work look to it too. :slight_smile: Looking forwarding to seeing more!! xD

I’m Glad You Like It
Here Small Update


Gearbox Is Ready

Handbrake Finished.


lovely, i’ll stick to see how much details you gonna put in this, but yeah it’s lovely.

bat3a - Thanks For Reply, Yep My Purpose Is To Receive As Much Details As Possible.

Great work. Keep it going.

Your work looks excellent, matchias. I can tell you put a great deal of care and attention into it. Already, it is looking very professional, even with just a rolling chassis.

Your gearbox is looking exquisite!

You just know this is going to be a highly detailed and accurate model… looking forward to watching it grow. I’ll have to look up a reference picture of the vehicle, to see it.

It’s Time To Get Back To Work :slight_smile:
Here’s A Carburetor:

You’re a madman, matchias! So much detail in each piece, I admire your focus. Even if it takes years to complete, I’m looking forward to it!

James Thanks For Reply, Here Some More Details:

Wow, perfect subd hard surface. No pinching no artifacts! Does “Lublin 51” get it’s name because it was built there? I was in Lublin last fall, my avatar is me in Lublin. Great city!

Amazing…just amazing :smiley:

Can you post some wireframes?.That is some awesome topology,my friend.

Nickersf - Thanks, Yes Lublins Were Built In Lublin :slight_smile: But Lublin Wasn’t Polish Concept, It Was A GAZ 51 Clone - Russian Truck,
DCBloodHound - Thanks, When I Find Some Time I Will Put Some Wireframes Here.

nice work

is it the final material -texture?
the engine should have a more bumpy mat

keep up nice work
happy cycles

Judging by the modeling quality and the early wip nature of this thread, I’d highly doubt that these are the final materials.

probably right
but some engine are panted and I have never seen this type before
so just wondering here !

happy bl