Lucio the Incredible

Hey guys,
maybe some people of know this short movie already from some other forums. Just wanted to show it here too.
Its my first short movie I made, and I have learned a lot in Blender (working now about one year in Blender). Of course there are lots of parts in the movie that can be improved, though I am a kind of proud to present you “Lucio the incredible”.

I hope you will like it. Leave a comment :slight_smile:

greetings ndee

very nice mood and style… there were parts that seemed a bit slow… especially the part where he grins, thinks and then gets sad… what is the reason?

anyway, great first one!


Nice short. Ya, there are some parts that need tweaking, like basse said, that one facial section was pretty slow. But, i liked it was cool :smiley: I likethe lighting personally

I was really impressed by the modeling and lighting. Lucio has a very appealing cartoon-like flair to him. The lighting looked a little CG-ish, but it was still ambient and moody. I liked the textures too, though his skin looked a little plastic-like, which is pretty easy to overlook. I liked the part where he got angry and his face was twitching. What you might want to work toward improving is your animation ability. His walkcycle didn’t seem to convey a real sense of weight or girth. The pacing and anticipation was very slow, too, almost to the extent of robbing it of its lifelike quality. I also noticed a few times Lucio seemed to stare into space, like a doll. But otherwise it’s a great job.

thank you guys,
i am glad you like it!

@ anayo
I agree to you with the animations. I still have to learn a lot in animating charakters… but I hope it will get better!!! :smiley:

You are one of the Blender’s producer that I would categorized as advanced which is very rare. Most people quit after a few snappy animations, others become so expert that they get so busy to share their knowledge. ( example he won Suzanne award few years ago ). I love your rendering and lighting something to learn from! The character modeling is very good as well, showing some quality level of experience. The animation is not that great. A few details I can point out: Eye movements are unrealistic, they should move from left to right in two frames at least…longer than that turn the audience off. Also with blinking. Some actions are too slow, as well as his face expressions. I would recommend to practice animation with simple models so you get the taste. One idea is to change poses between 10 or 5 frames. Then pause the pose with only a little movement for not less than 10 frames, then switch to the next pose. In the action editor you can displace some keys of the pose as head or hands to avoid robotic style creating some sort of bouncing effect. Lets say your pose is at frame 500, then you move the head key to frame 503…torso to frame 498 …it means that torso gets first and the head later with some delay to your final pose. I still have a lot to learn do not get me wrong! You may share your insights on my latest shorts ( THE REGRETTER and AMERICAN MORTGAGE). Keep on the good work! Keep in touch my friend!

NOTE: To improve your walking cycle, try bringing torso down 2 frames after the foot touches the floor, bringing it up on the middle of one walk step…it will improve the lacking of sense of weight. Better yet,read the walking cycle posted in wiki!

Wow, awesome… What is it rendered with? Well done, it has graphics I would expect from Pixar!

thanks for your critiques! I will try to some of your suggesstions!

thank you too,
this is rendered with the internel Blender Render. Never used something else :no:

I enjoyed it. I haven’t done much with animation yet so I can’t critique much. I did think his fingers could have been a bit longer. I don’t know why. It just bugged me for some reason. LOL.

Good job.