Lucy, character sculpt

I’m making a Lucy


nice start !!!

=) thanks

I haven’t have actually ever really modeld a human before, so any tips are mch apreciated

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will so far everything looks amazing except that the chin looks rounded than the ref img !!!
but that could be fixed easy

i am not good at sculpting but i can share some tips with you.
i am not a good sculpter i tryd that 3 times and i really faield !!!

i think what you should focuse on is trying to keep the polycount as much resnabole specially if your aiming to rigg the girl or somthing !!!

what you should focuse on while sculpting is the silhouette of the character, its the most importatn part,and i think that ther are some part that your going to adjust with the edit mode more like the nose, the eares .

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thanks =), I’m not that worried about polycount, if I rigg her, I will retopologize her beforhand anyway

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that sounds cool !!!



Not bad at all, i think because of the facial dimensions your version seams younger and more realisitc (slightly smaller eyes and mouth lips and a smaller head.

It was a bit hard to spot so i overlayed both versions and then you get some differences.
(Maybe adjust by bones/ or simple scaling)

Overall its not easy to create a 3d character from a 2d character often typical pen drawing futures get lost, while shadows etc can add shapes that were hidden in 2D, so it can be a hard balance to get it all right.

thanks for the tips, (they’re actually both “my version”)
to be honest, Iwould have probably made a few changes if I had more time, but I gave myself a time limit

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I put it up on sketchfab by the way
also there’s a turntable