The “Lucy” model was created by Stanford using a custom 3D scanner. The original model had 28 million faces, but I could not get it to properly import to Blender (Did not crash, but was left with no visible mesh). I managed to find a model that had been decimated down to 10 million faces that imported properly. It’s a beautiful piece; I wanted to give it a material that was both realistic and helped to reveal some of the finer detail in the scan. This is the result I came up with. Please take a look in full-resolution; the details in the model are really only visible at that resolution.


Looks really good!

That looks great and I like how you worked out the finer details.

Thanks for the comments!

Just as an update, the 28 million face version DID import properly into Blender; it was just that all of the geometry was quite far from the object origin, so I did not see it until I zoomed way out! It does not add much visible detail to the model, but sure uses a lot more RAM to work with. Amazingly, it’s still quite usable in the display port as long as you avoid edit mode :wink:

Hallo, i’m try to import some model but i don’t understand how,In wich way i can align different part?

Lucy is a religious symbol. You should be careful and respectful. Importing content: File>Import. Now select the kind of file. Also you can append content from another blend file. File> Append(only blend files).