Ludum dare 25 : You are the Dragon

A game where u play as a dragon i made in 2 days for ludum dare 25
heres the link:

direct game download:

I expected loads of ppl to enter ludum on the BA but not seen any posts :S

Heres a video link to the gameplay:

heres some screenshots:

for more npr styled games go to my blog:

what youz think ?

The game came 2nd in the art catagory for ludum dare 25 :smiley: and also receved a bronse coolness award. Thanks for people who rated. Heres the link to the rest of the winners:

Great art style, I like the idea and execution very much. For 2 days…its tons of work you’ve done!
I strongly recommend you to continue working on this until it become a full featured game.I know, it will become a great blender example.
I’m very,very sorry but I just couldn’t resist it and add some 2d filters to your game - bloom,antialiasing, additional outlines and some others.
This is the result:

Hope you don’t mind.
And this is the changed version of your game

If its a problem just tell me.

This looks great, wow I loved it!!!

Thanks and Wow nice ye i wanted to play with 2d filters and stuff but i still havent got my head around the code and some of the limited examples donr always work on all graphics cards :(… any links to good tutorials on how to make some?
What object did you attach the shaders too?
Dono why the wings are showing the ground texture though :stuck_out_tongue:

Im working on a better movment sytem thenow , still simple, uses a mouse look and some empties, i think it will make it a lot more playable. didn’t prioritise this for ludum as i thought it was cheating a little to use a mouse look script.

other feature updates are:
-updated controlles mouse
-buildings / trees / other objects will have a burnt state as well as burning, and some will dissapere after they burn,
-might make the map smaller to help with the framerate.
-there will be a wizard you have to kill before he shouts your true name.
-the catapults will actualy work :stuck_out_tongue:
-can aim at the gorund while fliying so you can fly over towns and burn them quicker.
-fixed some of the collision bugs, not all.

Nice work, certainly ambitious trying to make a 3D game in 48 hours. I think the people who use 2D engines have it a lot easier :stuck_out_tongue:

The dragon model is pretty good too, noticed you didnt have time to make a walk cycle though. The graphics style is certainly ambitious as well, good to see someone trying something a bit different!

I didnt get a chance to participate in this LD, got to do the miniLD earlier on though. Hoping to have time for the next one! Always great to see some BGE entries

I made a simple walk cycle it kicks in when ur on the ground, just in the vid i was doing the fire thing witch used a flipper animation actuator.

I did get a little anoyed at some thigns i coudlnt get in , like i had a wobbly outline using displacement map, but when i saved as an exe it just looked crap so i removed it.

And the sad thing was that i didnt even spend all day working on this, i went to a party and xmas shoping the other day. mabie next dare il get something a little more finnished :smiley:
and ye awsmome seeing some blender entries.

As you may have noticed above This game won the silver award(2nd place) for graphics in the ludum dare 25 compo :smiley:
link to winers here