Ludum Dare 38 - The SpaceExplorer

Hello Guys!

This is my game for Ludum Dare 38. Everything made using the Blender Game Engine (2.74).

You can download, play and rate the game here:

And you can watch the TIMELAPSE here:

(Video in portuguese, sorry about this. But you can also watch the Timelapse and play the game (in English). Starts as 1:28).

Thanks! :smiley:

Any feedback?
Guys, I need your help!
I need you to rate and give me a feedback for my game, because I need to know what I have to improve on my next projects!

You can play and rate my game here:

Thanks!! :smiley:

No sweat man its just the Community being dead all the time (They do the same with my Game project but its not a bad thing atleast you worked hard on your project) , i’ll give your game a shot !!!

So far it really looks well polished judging from the screenshots you’ve taken.
Nice work it really looks good presentation wise i still haven’t played it.

I will download it later thjs week !!!
Keep up with the Blender Game Engine projects blender is a great Game Engine.


Download, play, leave your comment and rate the game! :smiley:

I didn’t expect to see something like this when I opened the Finished games Subforum. This is amazing!
Where did you get the inspiration for that art style or is this just your natural style?

Hello guys!

First of all, thank you “3D Upgrade” for the feedback! The art style is my natural style, I’m pretty happy that you appreciate them! :smiley:

Some youtubers made interesting videos of my game, you should check it out guys!

Thanks to the channel “Button Masher Bros.” for this video: (my game starts at 12:50 )

Thanks to the channel “krisfire” for this video:

Thanks to the channel “Jupiter_Hadley” for this video: (my game starts at 4:40 )

And thanks fo the channel “BrZ Gamer” for this video:
PS: This one are in portuguese :smiley:

I’m really enjoying all the gameplays and feedbacks! Thank you guys a lot!

And if you are a big fan of the BGE like me, you should give some great feedbacks like these ones! :smiley:

Another gameplays!