Ludwig walking

:)This is just a test to start learning animation with rigged objects, I made “Ludwig” do a short walk. Just for fun. Format is divx, just 400k or something…


Very good guy.

Very good :smiley: super duper. Close his mouth, :wink: But perfect walkcyckle. Where did you learn that?

this reminds of the BSoD Tutorial by ryan… I think you used it for ludwig and transferred it to him

It’s looking good but there’s still a lot of space for improvements.

Some hints you may follow

  • Move the hips
  • the whole body should have more up and down movement - the spine also looks very static and unnatural
  • if you look at the feet you can see they seem to slap on the ground - a softer step on the ground would be better - you can achieve this by moving the toes, too!

Walkcycles can be tweaked infinetely, I have done that the last week myself :smiley:

oh ya!his hands are abit too stiff too!other than that good work!:smiley:

Thanks for the feedback. I just started by myself trying to understand how Ludwig is rigged and how you could make him move. Now I know there is even a “walk-o-matic” script available and all, I just wanted to know how I would do it without hints…

Yes, the hips, hands and spine can be improved a lot, but for a “learning test” I’ll leave it as is for now. I started looking at the rigging itself and ended up with a newbie tutorial, which I published here:

I found also other tuts about the same, but for lazy guys like me who want to see it “done” without reading too much, can be good…