Luger Pistol and SS Dagger

Hi guys i just a newbie in 3d modelling just about 5 month old knowing blender and 3d modelling i want you to give me an honest review on my project,is it already a market ready?Thanks anyway
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The wearing is a little bit overdone around the larger #29 panel, or perhaps a bit too evenly worn. I think everything else looks very well done on the gun, gun accessories, dagger, and sheath. However, I do think you should spend a bit more time on the box it comes in, if you plan to include it in your marketing, and have a better look at the Prussian cross medallion/medal.

Thank You for the feedback sir,yeah noted the worn,the box and iron cross only for showcase,just a little bit unconfident because the pistol model was rejected on blender market…he said i still need to rework my model,texture,lighting,etc just wonder did my model look that terrible…

The model itself looks excellent. I can’t fathom why it would be rejected on those grounds, alone. I think it’s very cleanly done. Would you feel comfortable sharing more information about the reasons given for rejection? It’s entirely possibly it’s merely for some technical violation, or he didn’t like the way you displayed it for review.

The text on the pistol is what throws me, pick a different font!

Maybe my review didn’t satisfied them or maybe because i still didn’t have enough experience i just 5 month knowing blender and 3d modelling …well they said “Hello, I think you need to continue working on your art skills, I’m not seeing the type of quality I’d like to see in a Market Creator. Continue working on modeling, texturing and lighting. Create some models you’d consider to be Market ready and then try applying again. Good luck and keep at it.”

Noted Sir Thank You

Maybe it has something to do with the geometry? Can you post a wireframe render?

Also from what I can remember from CG Cookie’s podcast you could try to get in touch with them by asking a direct feedback on what you could improve in your model and your future works.

Good luck!