Luke Skywalker's Land Speeder

I saw the Y-Wing thread and decided to try and make a star wars vehicle of my own. After about 45 minutes of work, here’s what I’ve got:


work harder, show more.

I can definitely see the shape, but it does not a lot of work. I can see it though, and I would never be able to make it lol. I’m a rigger not a modeler… :slight_smile: but nice job so far.

I looked your car model and same princibles aply in this speeder model, While using subsurf its important to keep your mesh clean so you don’t get any unwanted bumps on the surface of the model. There was one tutorial on car modelling in blendercookie that might be helpfull, I once tried to model the slave 1 so I know how hard it can be!:yes: I gues it just takes lots of practice and trial and error, I hope I can find time to do some star wars model as well!:eyebrowlift:

Here’s some more work on it. I tried to remove as many triangles as possible, but It’s not perfect yet.


i dont know how indigo deals with smoothing, but it looks like the grill thing suffers from tesselation. (was the grill mesh set to smooth while selected yet?)