lum vs sat missing?

i want to reproduce the curve adjustments like in davinci resolve in the compositing.but i cant found a horizontal node and saturation node wich i could combine,to copy this workflow.i have tryed the rgba seperate node into the hue correction node (with S for saturation selected) since this is the only horizontal curve node i have found,but it doesnt work.

i would be nice if the compositing has a horizontal node with 2 categories to davinci resolve lum vs sat,hue vs sat ,sat vs sat ect for all color channels and r g b seperate.

maybe i overlooked some node and it is allready there in Blender ?

its a nice correction tool,like in this video.

Are curves any use?

Here’s some testing:

thanks 3pointEdit ,i know all the colorbalance nodes ect,the missing is the node with the possibility to make saturation adjustments,with costum points an curves on a horizontal line,like the hue correction node.but the element whats missing here is the luminance on the horizontal axis from min to max ,where you can set custom points to make adjustments to your like for saturation.look the posted video with lum vs sat at 38 sek.
this way you can easely desaturate the shadows as in the video.or increase saturation,on a costum rgb channel ,at the point ,with a curve you like

this is not a simple blue color curve,it is lum vs sat

edit,for interest this video shows the problem with saturated shadows,and how to adjust this with lum vs sat.

lum vs sat starts at 3:25 min ,but the whole video is interesting anyway.