luma waveform

Sorry, I’m sure this has an obvious answer. Is there a way to get the luma waveform displayed in the compositor? I know it can be done in the VSE, but I’d like it in the compositor to do some color correction during compositing.


Yes, via the UV Image Editor, add a Viewer Node to your output and select that as the source in the Image Viewer the luma waveform is in the N key panel, along with histogram (broken), RGB Parade etc.

You may want to mess with the accuracy and opacity settings of the scopes, be aware that having the N key panel open whilst rendering slows rendering preview right down, you may also want to have OpenCL and other various settings in the N key panel to the compositor ticked to speed up response.

sweet. I didn’t realize I could set the image viewer as the source in the uv image editor. Thanks!!!

oh, and consider this solved ! :slight_smile:

BTW you can adjust the scale/display height (useful for a larger color space or just zooming) by CTRL-click-drag from the display.

Thanks for that! btw, your blog has been really helpful for some stuff with VSE. Thanks!

Let me know if there are any tuts that you would like, I am always after new ideas for blog posts.