Lumiera's Logo contest

Hello, I made this thread to tell you about Lumiera. For those who don’t know about it, it’s a project from the developers of CinelerraCV to make a new stable and proffesional NLE. You can check the facts in The project is still in early alpha stage, so new developers interested are more than welcome. You can check the development section in the page or simply via IRC at freenode #lumiera.

We are organizing a logo contest to tell the comunity about the project and to get the artists interested. I think this forum is a great place to announce this because I’ve seen great artists and coders here. So, if you are interested go to to checkout the terms, and upload your logo. You can also see other proposed logos there.

Well, that’s all. Ask me anything you want, and happy blending to you all. :slight_smile:

So basically you are harvesting ideas from artists for free? Sorry but I will pass on this. It’s too much work without any noticeable benefit to me.

Yeah, and God forbid Blender ever start doing this with their splash screen. Total rip off. Who do these FOSS devs think they are not offering cold hard cash for this type of thing? :rolleyes:


That may be at bit subtle, perhaps someone else would like to offer an opinion maybe using some adjectives thrown in for good measure like ‘WTF!!’, ‘miserable’, ‘ignorant’, ‘f-ck’


Good luck to your efforts in cleaning Cinelerra up for the real world and making a professional FOSS NLE.

I don’t know, maybe you can add it to your resume “I designed “this program” logo… etc” I think that contributing to something that is for everyone is a good thing, if your only motivation is money, well then… that’s sad. Anyway there is no need to be rude, just ignore the thread.

BTW, FOSS rules!! :slight_smile:

I tried to make one, I like to make logos whenever I can because
it’s practice for advertising type stuff, and I suck at it.
This one turned out like a mexican beer bottle label mixed with transformers beast wars,
which I think is wrong for the ‘product’. :smiley:
I did another one with a curve modifier but it looked too much like the film curve modifier example.
There’s some good ones on their wiki,I liked the Alessandro R and Kliurka ones.
.I don’t think they’re trying to take advantage of anyone, it looks interesting, video editing for linux.

The problem with logo contests is that it doesn’t really mimic the way good logos are developed. This is regardless of the skill of those entering the contest.

Having developed company logos a number of times, I can tell you it isn’t something you just do one time and be done with. The process typically starts with a number of ideas. Those ideas are reviewed and discussed. Likes and dislikes are brought up. This lets the designer more accurately determine the ideas that the brand owner wants to convey. It also helps get a sense of the brand owners visual preferences.

Typically, after the first round, a second round of designs is made that focuses on the aspects identified in the first round. The review process begins again - allowing the designer to narrow the focus as well as bring in ideas that the owner may have had trouble expressing prior to having something “tangible” against which to speak (eg. earlier round designs).

This back and forth may continue a couple times until it comes down to a single design (or maybe a couple). Then the choice is made.

With a contest, you get a bunch of different ideas and maybe go through one round, but without any in depth critique or discussion. This ends up with the brand owner ending up with a “round one” design that isn’t necessarily refined.

What would be better, is to find designers that are willing to donate their time to the project (many designers are willing in order to help out OSS projects) and pick a designer (based on portfolio) and work with THAT designer to create the logo. Picking a design from a round of “off the top of my head” ideas typically will leave them with a logo that is only partially thought out.

I would happily contribute if I wouldn’t suck so much making logos :). And good luck with Lumiera! FOSS Professional NLE application is very needed! btw. In GuiBrainStorming page tillt (PLEASE keep focused! section) has a very very good aspects what Professional NLE application should met, to become widely used.

roofoo: I think your post was bit rude, and I hope in future you think little bit before posting. Its free speech but sometimes it would be just better not post at all. This is still open source community and this kind of thread is very acceptable for asking help to improve open source applications in every section. Even just for the logo!! I think greediness or selfiness doesn’t help a lot FOSS applications, or what you think?
this is my opinion.

I’m a little biased here as a non-linux user, but I think it would be beneficial to expand this project to Windows and OSX. I know it requires extra work on the developer’s side, but the larger user base could really make this project excel. I think that this is clear when you look at the most successful open source projects (especially Blender).

And there really isn’t a good open source video-editor for non-linux users beyond Blender’s video editor. Don’t get me wrong–it’s a good editor–but there’s something about having a stand-alone program dedicated to the task.

That being said, I have been working on a logo and am happy to contribute to this project. Open source is awesome, and I hope this project goes far!


Whoa, everybody hold your horses. I didn’t mean to rain on anyone’s parade.

Ok I didn’t realize it was for an open-source application, I just got bugged by the terms regarding trademark, basically they are going to trademark the logo they choose. To me the wording implies a commercial use, but maybe it wasn’t intended to be…


  • The creator must allow the Lumiera Project Team to edit and distribute the work under a license of their choice.
  • used fonts must be copyleft
  • the Lumiera Project may trademark the Logo by itself.
  • the proposed logo must not collide with existing trademarked logos

Anyway, I think design contests are the curse of the design world so I may have been a little harsh. Still I agree with 86point5 that logo contests are not the best way to get a good design since there is no back-and-forth discussion. You could get 1000 sucky logos and have to choose the “best” one… even if it isn’t right for the brand.