luna 2

Ouch the head is way too flat…

Looks way better than the last one tho

i changeed face, some, and i will add something like FINGERS
and shoes

I agree she is way too flat headed. other wise she is looking good. btw, the eyes are roughly in the middle of the head on an average person, so she needs way more up top.

Nose is just plain horrible, but you’re making progress. Everything else looks alright for a new modeler.


Try scaling the photograph you used for the face so that it actually fits where the face is supposed to go. The eyes should be almost exactly in the middle of the head, and the chin should not be halfway down the neck.

The transparent skirt is um, interesting. What’s she supposed to be?

BTW, buy a book or two on sketching. It should help with proportions, as well as deciding where the shadows and highlights go.

i change something…

game for windows 900 kb

:smiley: Great work Lukas21221, awesome done, nice job on the idle and jump animations, I really like it. maybe you should make an animation on rotating. :stuck_out_tongue: Anyways keep going dude. :wink:

it is my done penguin game for windows, MIN 1,5GH!!:

Awesome game! But he says “Yipee!” when he dies LOL.

he dont sey on my computer
i adddd chestnut ( :smiley: )
and 3 cameras,
change 1,2,3 keys
arrows, space, ctrl, shift, A,S

I think yours might be slower. I figured out why he said it: he says it when the scene starts, and my comp switches them so fast that he says “Yipee!” almost instantly after he dies.

i add better camera, grass(i think it is grass)
exe from 2.34

Don’t make the skirt fade away at the bottom - make the fading come to a stop before it is completely transparent.