Luna (character sculpt)

sculpted my character Luna in Pablo Dobarro’s sculpt mode features branch. It has been very enjoyable to use


also as a bonus, here’s the same character but sculted a bit more than half a year ago

I think the hair shader is a bit better here but otherwise I’ve improved


wow, glad to see your Improvement
in my opinion, u really did a good execution on this character style

thanks =) she was quite fun to make

also uploaded the new model to scetchfab too:

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Nice work! I agree, you’ve improved a lot. I like the lighting in the render too! And the crescent moon reflection in her eye. Nice touch!

thank you =)

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haha, I will totaly agree with your statement

nice character,if im not mistaken luna = moon right?. Btw may i ask question where did u get pablo dobaro sculpt mode ?

thank you :smiley:

Yeah Luna means moon, in Latin, Spanish, Italian and a few other languages

As for Pablos sculpt Branch, there’s a thread on here somewhere called Pablo dobarros master plan for sculpt mode or something, there’s usually links in there’s, can’t send one myself rn, I’m on my phone

You’re featured on BlenderNation, have a great weekend :slight_smile:

yay thanks =D you too

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ok ill check it out hopefuly there is linux version :smiley:

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I think there is, pretty sure Pablo uses Linux

awesome, fun character. :ok_hand: Getting a little chris sanders with the eye placement. Neat concept!

thanks =) yeah I made the eyes a bit too far apart XD

You’re #featured! :+1:

Nice lighting and skin shading! :slight_smile:

yay thanks =D

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thank you =)

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Nice work!

Correct me if I am wrong, but with this branch you dont have to retopo in order to apply those textures in the libs and cheeks?