Luna Lankastar

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43.000 Tri whole character

I am using E-cycles.

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Thank you for your kind comment, the calibrate balls i just made them manually it’s so simple make two spheres one normal material second metal with roughness and for the color calibrator they are a lot in internet here is a link just download the image and send it to Blender.

Hope that help

Yes i make Characters, Monster, Environment from concept Design, by starting form basic sphere in Blender then sculpt. and with retopoflow i reto-pology the whole model and bake all details in Knal, and because i made a lot of characters i focus more on production and final image, so it depend of the project and what i want to go for.

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did you follow a tutorial for the head topology ?

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No i didn’t follow tutorial, i gather references and study the real human anatomy using Puref.

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You are welcome, my pleasure.

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How does one learn to make this kind of thing in Blender?

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incredible work :+1:

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